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Pack 999 do not officially participate in Giu vung 12 Jamboree

Pack 999 will hold a visit to Houston Natural Science Museum with the information below:

Pack Activity Schedule (August-December 2004) is posted on Pack Calendar page


Join Unit Five Years Aniversary Summer Camp "KET DOAN"

Hey Boys and Girl scouts !!! Our Lac Viet Join Unit will hold a Summer Camp to celebrate Five Years Anniversary of our establishment(in fact it is over six years-since Summer 1998).
Some details of the camp are as following:

Congratulation !!

Dai Gia Dinh Au Doan Dinh Bo Linh-Pack 999 va Lien Doan Huong Dao Lac Viet han hoan chuc mung va than men chao don 02 truong cua Pack 999, Tr. Vu Quynh Phuong Judy va tr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy da chinh thuc Tuyen loi hua Huong Dao de tro thanh nhung Huong Dao Sinh chinh thuc cua phong trao Huong Dao The Gioi, Huong Dao Viet Nam va dai gia dinh Huong Dao Lac Viet. Xin chuc cac truong ben chi giu vung loi tuyen hua cua minh de mai mai la nhung truong lanh dao guong mau cho the he thanh thieu nien Viet Nam tuong lai.
Huong Dao Mot Ngay La Huong Dao Mai Mai

Hey boy ! It's time for fun and learning in Engineering, Science and Handy Crafts workshop

Pack 999 will hold an Engineering, Science and Craft Man whole day workshop for Cub Scouts to earn activity pins on Saturday, June 19, 2004. The detailed schedule will be posted when it become available

Future Lien Doan's Activities